Stitch-In with the EGA guild.

Twice a month, I get together with my guild colleagues to enjoy some quality stitching time.  This time is wonderful.  We have chat, teach, and encourage one another in so many ways.

For more information on the Embroidery Guild of America, check out their website.  Click here.

3 thoughts on “Stitch-In with the EGA guild.”

  1. Looks like a very productive and fun, cross-stitch group! I would probably guess that it’s gratifying to find others who share your passion with membership of EGA! Keep stitching and keep living!–Jennifer Smalley


  2. That is an awesome group, I would love to come to a group meeting and get some knowledge in the cross stitch. You have given me so much insight on the cross stitch through you blog!

    Lindsay Holdsworth


    1. Hello Lindsay, there is so much to discuss. I love the primitive art of needlepoint. It is so very interesting to me. Please feel free to email me via this site or our D2L classlist, I would love to show you how to start a small project 🙂


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