My little needleminder

My little needleminder is one of the most important tools of my hobby.  This little fella is only 1.25 inches in diameter, but he is a critical to my sanity.  The needleminder is a gadget that has a small neodymium magnet glued to the back of it.  It is placed with one magnet on each side of my fabric.  When I am in between stitches or need a free hand, it grabs my needle and holds on tight until I can return.  Without a needleminder, I would be sticking this needle into my fabric and causing gaps.  I used to stick them in the arm of the chair.  As you can imagine, that is a dangerous idea!  I hope you are considering a craft, perhaps needlework, and will remember to grab a handy needleminder along the way.

Stitch-In with the EGA guild.

Twice a month, I get together with my guild colleagues to enjoy some quality stitching time.  This time is wonderful.  We have chat, teach, and encourage one another in so many ways.

For more information on the Embroidery Guild of America, check out their website.  Click here.

My current WIPs.

Works in progress, also known as WIPs are the current works that a stitcher has going at any given time.  Most of us have multiples and pick them up and put them down at will.  The black and white piece is by the company Jardin Privé and is a blackwork sampler.  It is complete other than it needs a wash and to be laced and framed (more on that in a future post).  I hope you enjoy and I look forward to sharing more with you soon!

The work of a 6 year old!!!!!



Anne Woodall was born in Yorkshire, England in 1808.  Many girls “worked a sampler” such as the one pictured above.  Anne completed this one when she was only 6 years old.  Samplers were not only used to hone needlepoint skills, but they are also historical references to the time and community that they were stitched in.  The sampler above shows a crown which would indicate that she was a Christian. Also we see deer and evergreen trees both which indicate that she completed this near Christmas time.

I absolutely love to stitch samplers.  This will be one of my future WIPS (works in progress).  I look forward to stitching the same pattern that this brilliant 6 year old did nearly 100 years ago!!!

Learning needlepoint at 41!

At 41 years old I walked away from the corporate retail management life and decided to pursue my college degree full-time.  For the past 12 years I have been working 55 hours per week and answering an endless stream of emails, texts, and phone calls in the remaining hours of my waking day.  I knew this was the not the life that I wanted forever.

I am not exactly sure when I began to spend endless hours on the internet looking for a creative way to spend some newly found free time.   But in one way or another, I ended up in a Facebook group called Cross Stitch Addicts.  I marveled at the detailed work that the men and women of this group posted.  I found this delicate and tedious work very intriguing.

With some guidance and patience, I went online to and found the basic supplies that I would need to start my project.  I was delighted at how quickly the package of notions arrived.  This was the beginning of the wonderful experience of learning a new craft nearing the midlife point.

I will be sharing photos, links, commentary and blunders as I continue to learn my way around the wonderful world of needlepoint and cross stitch.